Kindleigh is a non-profit organization that has set out to make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time!

We do random acts of kindness for fellow charities and individuals! Whether it's handing out flowers in Central Park, abandoning art for a stranger to find in Los Angeles, getting critical supplies to the homeless in NYC or gathering school supplies for foster kids in South Florida, we find a way to light the dark by shining our beam of kindness.

We have a Kindness Community with almost 40,000 members internationally, A new group for families called Kindness Kids, and the elite Kindness Ambassador program that allows individuals support with carrying out campaigns in their own neighborhoods!

Aside from traditional fundraising, we offer the coolest gifts and artwork in our online marketplace as a way to raise money for our cause...

From apparel to artwork, and everything in between, we offer our supporters a wide variety of gift options that make an impact with their sales. Our pieces are all meant to inspire the both the giver and the recipient.

Not only will you find something unique, you'll know that your purchase has a purpose

When we give with our hearts we can truly make an impact and create a legacy of kindness for the generations ahead!

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Making the World A Nicer Place One Act of Kindness at a Time...

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Our Gallery

Take a look at our gallery of artwork and some of the random acts of kindness these pieces helped to create.

Through the support of those who shop the site and donate to the cause - we are able to put smiles on the faces of strangers nationwide!

Thank you for all you do to support us!

Making the world a nicer place...
one act of kindness at a time