I'm excited to continue to partner with the Kindleigh team as one of their original Kindness Ambassadors!

Years ago, I decided to get involved with this amazing organization because I realized that kindness is a fundamental part of my purpose and a great source of joy for myself and the community.

Not only have I watched my friend Leigh blossom over the years through giving, I personally have been a recipient of an amazing random act of kindness with her beautiful art. The feeling of someone caring when you are in a deep dark place and feel alone is so magical and inspiring.

I couldn't be more honored to be a Kindness Ambassador and share the joy of the magical journey she is on.

We are collaborating on some amazing Random Acts of Kindness into 2020 that will continue to help me with the opportunity to give back to my community and to the world at large!

We are kicking off the Holiday Season by paying off layaways for strangers.

I hope you'll join me by donating through the link below or by texting GIVE to 917-781-1791

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